Polka Dot Ceramic Soap Dish.

Polka Dot Ceramic Soap Dish

Beci Callow
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So you've made the switch to soap bars and now you need something to put them in. This rectangle soap dish is handmade by my friend Beci Callow (a UK-based designer who hand delivers them to me).

It has little raised colourful spots in the middle to make sure your soap bar lasts that little bit longer by not sitting in any water.

  • Measures roughly 12cm x 9cm
  • Organic hand-pinched shape
  • Hand painted in The Kind Store colours
  • Smooth glazed stoneware clay
  • Made with traditional techniques
  • Very durable once fired at a really high temperature in the kiln.
  • Handmade in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Each soap dish is unique as they are handmade so may vary slightly to the dish shown in the picture, which we think is part of the charm of handmade rather than factory perfect.

Beci is an Essex-based designer who has a real passion for ceramics and uses traditional ceramic techniques to create modern colourful ceramics that often have an illustrative light hearted quality. She believes that the items in your home should make you smile when you use them and she tries to cultivate this in all her designs. All her items are shipped completely plastic free without it being requested. Each of her designs are completely unique and handmade and painted.

How to care for your handmade soap dish

  • The raised confetti design helps prolong the life of your soap by ensuring the soap doesn't sit in water. 
  • Ensure the soap dish is cleaned regularly.