Our Top 10 Vegan Gift Guide

Finding vegan gifts that are cruelty free can be a difficult and arduous task. That is why we have composed a list of our favourite and unique vegan brands, gifts and foods for Christmas, birthday, special occasions, treats to loved ones or yourself. We want to help you to make a conscious and informed decision, minus the time it would take to research the many brands and gifts, and in turn make it a fun and more enjoyable experience! Our gifts and brands have been thoroughly researched, hand-picked and sourced so that you can trust they are vegan, natural and sustainable and that they are kind to people, planet and animals. So why not check out our top picks below!

Our top 10 vegan gifts

1. Lani

lani products on lani gift box.

Lani has gained a status among the vegan community as a brand that speaks passionately against animal cruelty and promotes cruelty-free living and natural and healthy lifestyle choices. The brand has donated to over 20 charities to date and throughout 2020 Lani will be donating to the following four charities: Amicii Dog Rescue, Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary, Gut Aiderbichl and Slaughterhouse Survivors. This means that buying gifts from this inspirational company, not only means your products are kind to animals but that your money will also be going towards supporting a number of animal-focused charities. Could you buy a more vegan-friendly gift? Plus, we think Lani's items are perfectly designed to be gifted, with their glass bottles and jars coated in vivid and fun colours!

2. Lucky Cloud Skincare

lucky cloud cleansing balm and face oil in amber glass jars and bottles with metal lids.
Lucy is the founder of Lucky Cloud Skincare a completely natural, vegan friendly skincare brand. It has become a multi award-wining brand for it's products that are planet and skin friendly! Everything is handmade in small batches and all new products are developed, tested and finished all in the one place. Lucky Cloud Skincare has just had a re-branding and we think the labels are just so pretty that they would make a beautiful vegan-friendly gift for someone special.

3. Nathalie Bond

nathalie bond large bath salts in amber glass jar with an aluminium lid. We love the colourful but sophisticated branding of the Nathalie Bond products, this makes them perfect to gift but also, as a treat for yourself that will always look beautiful on your shelves. We stock Nathalie Bond cruelty-free products because of their philosophy to use the best possible organic, natural ingredients and nothing else that are great for our skin and the planet. We stock their candles, lip balms, bath salts and soaps. These wonderful products are the great way to help fill your loved ones homes with lovely botanical fragrances!

 4. Blushberry Botanicals

blushberry hand cream surrounded by grapefruit slices and flowers. Blushberry Botanicals was founded by Lorraine Tait and she makes a range of natural vegan cosmetics using the finest ingredients. Lorraine studied botany and chemistry at Aberdeen University and more recently qualified as a nurse, giving her the knowledge to develop luxury plant based products which truly care for the skin. We stock Lorraine's face masks, scrubs and hand creams in the normal size and in the minis - so you can mix and match as many of these as you like when you are gifting a special something to the ones you care about.

5. The Curated Kind Box, from £36.50 (or Custom Build a Box Kind Box)

the kind box

The Kind Box is the brand new ethical gift box from The Kind Store. Due to the popularity of gift giving in the recent months, we have produced the kind box to beautifully present your gifts to loved ones to showcase our amazing vegan, natural and sustainable products. Gifting is one of the best ways to encourage your friends and family to shop sustainably and with The Kind Box, you can either purchase one of our pre-filled boxes or create your own and get them shipped direct to your recipient with a hand written note. Each box is printed with non-toxic inks on FSC card.

6. Raw Halo Chocolate, £1.99

raw halo vegan chocolate selection.

Raw Halo's chocolate bars are all vegan-friendly, as they use added lucuma powder and creamed coconut for their dreamy vegan mylk chocolate. They source their ingredients from small, organic farms that trade their produce for a fair price and treat their communities well. We love these cute little chocolate bars as an extra in a little care package or gift box that is meant to cheer someone up or surprise the people you love with completely vegan brands and items.

7. Candles, from £10

tiger and co candle in rose gold tin sitting on table surrounded by homeware bits. We are delighted to be able to stock Tiger & Co. candles who use soy wax grown and processed in Europe, instead of the typical non-vegan beeswax. The reason beeswax is not classed as vegan is because the bees on bee farms are harmed or killed during the process of making honey and beeswax. Their soy wax is also non-GMO and we only stock their candles that use 100% essential oil, so no synthetic fragrances are used. All of their ingredients are both vegan and cruelty free and they use metal candle tins, which are both infinitely recyclable. Available in 5 different scents: Full Moon, Exhale, Soleil, Fireside and Blume. We also stock their tealights, which are beautifully presented and perfect as a present for someone.  

8. Cookies, from £3.20

  sharer bag of vegan coconut cookies. Rhythm 108 are a vegan and gluten free snack brand. The craftsmanship, care, and appreciation of the little things made them think of food as so much more than just fuel – it was a way of expressing creativity and a means to forming close, real relationships. They wanted to take this passion and local artisan tradition and use it to create delicious treats that were based on their modern values – plant-based, natural, and wholesome. They are serious about making an impact and a change, and their products do just that with all natural and animal friendly ingredients these are a great little treat for someone who loves to drink, tea or coffee or has a sweet tooth. We stock these in two different flavours: coconut & double chocolate hazelnut.  

9. Organic Nut Butter, £5

norty nut butter with hazelnut in a glass jar.

The founder of Norty, Elspeth had always loved nut butters and wanted to create vegan nut butters that were wholesome, organic and came in sustainable packaging. She really cares about the world that we live in and so set Norty up as a Community Interest Company so that all profits go to great local causes. We think these quirky little jars full of yumminess is the best little vegan gift and we adore that the money you spend on this goes to charities in need. We stock six different flavours: salted caramel, chocolate coffee, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate orange, smoky maple bacon and chilli.

10. Live Green by Jen Chillingsworth, £8.99

front cover of the live green book. Many of us are already doing what we can to adopt a greener lifestyle. We recycle, reduce, eat less meat and opt for environmentally friendly cleaning products. Yet we often wish we were doing more. This practical guide is a great gift for someone looking to become more eco-friendly but just needs a little bit of help. It contains 52 changes - one for each week of the year - to reduce your environmental impact, in your lifestyle and in your home. Tackling cleaning routines, home furnishings, food shopping, fashion choices, natural beauty and Christmas, here are all the ingredients to help you achieve a more sustainable year. This book is mostly vegan friendly, however does refer to beeswax but it also states vegan versions are available. Also, available is the follow up book Clean Green.

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