The Period Product Tax Has Finally Been Scrapped! What now?

As of the 1st of January 2021, period products are no longer taxed as a luxury item (a tax that was required by the EU of its members - the EU are also working on abolishing this tax). They are now zero-vat rated saving you 5%. 320,000 people signed the tampon tax petition, proof that individuals can come together to make change.

This was a symbolic win for campaigners ending this "sexist tax". Felicia Willow, chief executive of women's rights charity the Fawcett Society, said: "It's been a long road to reach this point, but at last the sexist tax that saw sanitary products classed as non-essential, luxury items can be consigned to the history books."

Let's come together again and get the tax on period pants abolished too!

Reusable period PANTS are still taxed at 20% as they are not deemed to be designed solely for your menstrual flow, which is ridiculous. Although, period pants are comfy they are certainly not a replacement for everyday underwear! There’s a petition online to change this, please click here and sign it, if you agree and want this to change.

A downside to the abolished period tax

Since 2015, the government have directed the funds from the tampon tax to women’s refuge and domestic abuse charities, who will now be loosing out when the funds come to an end. If you want to help, you can donate period products to A Bloody Good Period via our website or go direct. 

Free period products in Scotland

In recent changes, Scotland have become the first country to make period products free for all, accessed via local authorities and in England, they are free in colleges and schools. It would be good to see more plastic free and toxic free period alternatives in the free schemes though.

If you are interested in plastic free and toxic free period products that are kinder to the environment, please do check out what we stock here. We have a wide range to suit all from menstrual cups, organic tampons, pads and liners, reusable sanitary pads and we even stock a hot water bottle that can be tied around your tummy specifically for when you are on your period! 

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