Ideas for a Sustainable Valentines Day


Valentines Day is bad news for the environment. Flower-growing producers are among the biggest users of pesticides, 18.7 million Valentine’s cards were bought in the UK in 2016 only be discarded a few days later and there’s a minefield of plastic packaging in your average box of chocolates!

But the good news is that you can always find sustainable alternatives so you can share your love with your partner and the planet...so here are my top ideas for a Sustainable Valentines Day, aside from not celebrating it at all!

  1. Make your own card

Make your own card from materials you already have at home and skip the glitter and googly eyes. It really is the message inside that counts. If you’re not feeling crafty, we sell seeded paper cards which turn into wildflowers when planted.


  1. Skip the flowers
Alongside the pesticides and air miles to get fresh flowers on the shelves in the UK, the disparity between the time they spend on your windowsill and the time they spend rotting on a landfill site is pretty huge. Plant flowers rather than picking flowers, or opt for plants that won’t die such as succulents. If you really want to buy fresh cut flowers, choose local, seasonal and organic….good luck in February.
  1. Skip the balloons…(are balloons even a Valentines thing?)
They break down into micro plastics, even ‘biodegradable’ balloons. Even worse, if released, they can end up in the ocean or in remote places and be mistaken for food by wild and marine life and helium itself has a fairly significant ecological footprint. We’re even running out of helium quickly!
  1. Opt for Fairtrade chocolate

Chocolate boxes have a special way of combining every type of plastic into one hell of a box creating a minefield, manufactured with a myriad of ingredients by large corporations. Instead, opt for Fair-trade and slowly made chocolate. We stock handcrafted bars by Bare Bones who undertake every step of the chocolate making process in Glasgow and use no flavourings. The beans themselves do all the talking, having been selected for their unique natural flavourings. My favourite is the bar with beans from Madagascar which has taste notes of maple syrup and fruity berries.


  1. Eat vegan
A vegan diet on average, creates 2-2.5 less carbon emissions versus a meat eaters so even if you’re not vegan, eat plant based this Valentines.

I think Valentines is the perfect excuse to visit a local vegan restaurant, ideally independent, however if you don’t have many options near you, most chain restaurants now have separate vegan menus such as Yo Sushi, Wagamama and Zizzi.
  1. Better yet, eat at home
Stay-in and cook a meal with fresh, local and organic produce. You could head to your local farmers market and see what they have in-season for ultimate eco points, plastic free of course!
  1. Drink organic
Choose organic beverages whether alcoholic or not. A couple of my favourite are Artigianale Prosecco and Fattys Organic Gin.
  1. Choose second hand fashion

Before your date night, how about setting each other a challenge. Give yourselves a budget and head separately to your local charity shop or browse second hand platforms online such as ebay, facebook marketplace, depop and vinted. The idea is to buy a ‘new’ outfit that your other half will wear when you go out, tackling the fast fashion industry. It may even give you a few laughs!

  1. Say no to gift wrap

Use what you already have whether it’s a reused gift bag or newspaper…or buy reusable fabric  gift wrapping which can form part of the gift too.


  1. Do something for the environment
How about plant a tree. You can gift a tree in your Valentines name at Trees for Life

And, if you’re still looking for that perfect gift, here are a few of my favourites…

Discover our range of beautiful jewellery, handmade from recycled silver and gold by independent makers in the UK making the perfect ethically sourced gift. Shop recycled jewellery here, starting at £15.


You can't go wrong with a candle. Ours are made with ethically sourced vegan soy wax and handmade in the UK with organic essential oils. Run with the Wolves Candle, 180ml, £14.


We have carefully sourced Flaya perfumes, made from natural, vegan and organic ingredients, blended by hand in Scotland. Available in both 10ml and 30ml (pictured) and available in five scents. Shop Flaya perfumes, starting at £13.


A lightweight organic body oil that deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin without leaving you feeling oily or greasy. Suitable for all skin types and can be used for massage too. Shop here.


And finally, I couldn’t mention Valentines day without the bedroom. Did you know, the vast majority of condoms aren’t vegan as they contain milk protein! Our condoms are made from fair trade rubber and are definitely vegan. Available in original, ultra thin and sensitive. Shop here.

And don't forget, if you’re planning a romantic getaway, choose a stay-cation. There are hundreds of eco lodges popping up around the UK or simply choose an independent b&b over a chain hotel and be sure to request no miniature toiletries.

Do you have any other ideas for a Sustainable Valentines Day? Let me know, Tash x

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