Top 10 Items For a Plastic Free Picnic

Spring, warmer weather and the end of lockdown are all on the horizon, which means picnics and gatherings are going to be a part of our not-too-distant future. Picnics are known for single use and throwaway items creating a lot of plastic and non-recyclable waste, BUT with The Kind Store's plastic free picnic range they don’t have to be! We have selected our favourites from our range of plastic free and reusable picnic items, to make it easier for you to have a guilt-free and sustainable picnic.

Top 10 Plastic Free Picnic Items

1. Compostable Sponge, £6

We think these sponges are perfect for a plastic free picnic, as a great alternative to wipes that contain micro-plastics or paper towels which are not recyclable. These 100% biodegradeable and compostable sponge cloths by Ten & Co. are made from cellulose (wood pulp) & cotton composition. They can absorb 15x their own weight in liquid (up to 3/4 of a cup) and replace the use of up to 17 rolls of paper towel, reducing plastic packaging and overall waste in landfills. Plus, we love how bright and summery they look, so much prettier than a paper towel! Check out their other designs here.

2. Stasher Reusable Bags, from £9.99

The Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags, plastic containers, plastic food wrap, freezer bags and other disposable plastic food storage that you would usually use when having a picnic or on-the-go. These have all the same functionality of plastics but the purity of glass, the Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags have been designed for safe food storage.

3. Bamboo Cutlery Set, £14.95

Lets face it, carrying your kitchen cutlery around in your bag so you can eat sustainably on the go and at picnics doesn’t really cut it. Pardon the pun. It’s clunky and heavy, not to mention a tad dangerous and can't be taken abroad. Green Island decided to create their very own cutlery set made from beautiful lightweight Moso Bamboo. And the best bit, Moso is panda friendly because this particular bamboo species is not recognised as food by the pandas. 

4. 350ml Stainless Steel Cups (2 pack), £16

This 2 pack of 100% food grade stainless steel cups by Elephant Box are lightweight, durable and great for picnics or when out and about on your adventures. They are the perfect size for both kids & adults alike. They don't impart or carry flavours, giving you a clean tasting drink every time. Plus, they nest inside each other making them easy to pack and transport. Why would you not want these as part of your picnic set? Or are you looking for something bigger - why not check out our Stainless Steel Pint Glass instead?

5. Stainless Steel Rainbow Straws (pack of 4), £8

The ultimate pack of straws for a picnic with a pouch included. Whether you're drinking smoothies, pressed juice or iced coffee, these straws are the perfect size for everything. They are 24cm long so they won't disappear into your drinks bottle either. We love these as they are just such a fun colour to brighten up any drink in the spring or in the summer.

6. Stainless Steel Snack Pots (2 pack), £14.50

Pack your snacks, dips or yoghurt to go with these stainless steel snack pots - No leaks guaranteed, because let's be honest there is nothing worse than having those plastic containers from the supermarket getting squashed and leaking food all over the rest of your picnic or into your bag! At 100ml each they are some of our smaller snack containers and are just the right size for smaller snacks, for toddler portions and for weaning. They also fit nicely into our other lunchboxes. 

7. Stainless Steel Sandwich Box 900ml, £29.95

This stainless steel sandwich box by Black+Blum is a robust, 100% plastic-free design solution with a naturally anti-bacterial bamboo lid which can be used as a chopping board or a serving board. The silicone strap available in two colours, Olive or Ocean, holds your lunch securely in the box. We love this item for picnics as the bamboo lid doubles up as a plate. A lunch box that's built-to-last and looks super stylish. For other sizes and styles check out the Black + Blum Lunchbox range here.

8. Stainless Steel Water Bottle, from £13.50

The single skin stainless steel water bottle by Qwetch is uncomplicated design at its best. It's 100% 18/8 grade stainless steel which means it's easy to clean and won't retain or impart flavours - giving you a fresh tasting drink every time! It's wide mouth makes for easy filling and drinking and you can even squeeze a few ice cubes in to keep your water cold on those hot days, either on the go or for a picnic. It also has a carry loop so you can attach it to your bag with a carabiner. For insulated water bottles, click here.

9. Leakproof Tiffin 700ml, £26.50

If you are looking for something bigger to keep your food contained this is perfect for those bigger items, like salad with a salad dressing or coleslaw or anything you would be worried about leaking in your bag. This tiffin features a removable silicone seal to prevent any leaks and spills. We love the very satisfying 3 clips that keep this lunchbox leak-free. The perfect picnic accessory!

10. Climate Veil Tinted SPF20 (Light/Medium), £28

Don't forget the suncream! We always remember the food, but there is always something that is forgotten and it is usually this! However, if you can get into a routine of popping this on with your make-up, that's one thing ticked off your list already. The Climate Veil Tinted SPF combines natural high tech anti-ageing ingredients such as polyphenol-rich Lingonberry stem cells and hyaluronic acid, with reef safe, non-nano mineral-based zinc oxide to deliver a lightweight broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Looking for more protection, check out our sun protection range here.

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