Soap Buying Guide

Discover our huge range of traditional handmade soap bars, made from completely natural and vegan ingredients. All of our soaps are nourishing, good for you and our planet. We have soaps safe for babies, for sensitive skin, to help with blemishes or with added plant based exfoliants to scrub. We have soap bars to suit everyone's needs! If you're looking for a solid shampoo or conditioner bar, check out our hair collection instead.


Vegan and Natural Soap

To help you choose between all of our lovely soaps, we have put together a guide to find the best soap for your skins needs. All of our soaps are made from kind, gentle and plant based ingredients and are of course all vegan and cruelty free. Some natural soaps contain beeswax, honey, milk and some typical high street soaps (made with harsh chemicals) also contain animal fat which is why we have brought together the best natural and vegan soap bars to shop in one place. They are free from skin-irritant ingredients such as SLS/SLES and parabens.

Our Soap Makers

We stock three brands of all-over-body soap:

  • Bean and Boy, a family-run business making soap by hand in Southend-on-Sea, UK. “We started making soap for our family when our daughter developed a mild form of eczema that was made worse by commercially-produced soaps and washes. We spent months researching, and tried out loads of different recipes and combinations to find the ones that work for our daughter’s skin – and for us too.” Stacey's hand made soaps take up to six weeks to cure. The soaps come wrapped in recycled kraft paper with naturally dyed yarn and recycled tags. 
  • Wild Sage & Co soaps are made in Julie's workshop in an old converted barn, surrounded by her traditional cottage garden. “We are a small family-run business hand crafting cold processed soaps and skin-loving balms from natural ingredients. We believe skin care should be simple and our ingredients derived from nature.” Each soap is wrapped in paper.
  • Soap Daze, made by Sharon, create vegan soaps with natural ingredients, nourishing essential oils and botanicals. "Based in Devon, all our products are handmade and kind to the skin and planet".

We do also stock a cleansing specific soap for your face which you will find in our skincare collection and a number of soild shampoo and solid conditioner bars in out hair collection.


Our soaps are made with a soap base of either (or a mix of) Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil and Avocado Oil. Plant based butters are super nourishing and our soap bars do not leave your skin feeling dry like many conventional soap bars.

Most of our soap bars are scented with pure essential oils to not only provide mind and mood boosting qualities, but skin benefits as well. However, if you have super sensitive skin or want to use a soap bar on your baby, opt for essential oilfree.

A selection of our soap bars contain plant based exfoliants such as oat, poppy seeds, pumice and seaweed to gentle scrub your skin instead of micro-plastics. These soaps are not recommended to use on your face.

Our Bean & Boy soaps contain RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. Some people choose to shop palm oil free however we choose to still stock Bean & Boy soaps since their entire supply chain is traceable. Industry leaders are not calling for a complete palm oil boycott; palm oil is a high yielding crop and if every product containing palm oil switched to another oil overnight, the problem would just move, not disappear.

Castile Soap

We stock castile Soap, a vegetable-based soap made from olive oil from the Castile region of Spain. It's made from completely natural ingredients and free form animal fats and synthetic ingredients. It's non toxic and biodegradable. It can be used for cleaning counters, sinks, baths, showers, floors, toilets, dishes, washing clothes, people (including kids), pets and vegetables so long as it's adequately diluted and much more! Find out What is Castile Soap & How To Use It here.

All of our castile soaps can be used for all over body washing!

Natural Soap For Sensitive Skin and Babies

Essential oil free, un fragranced and with the simplest skin loving ingredients, tried and tested on eczema prone skin amongst others.

  • Simple Avocado & Shea Butter soap by Bean & Boy.
  • Activated Charcoal Soap by Bean & Boy (un fragranced).
  • Olive Oil Soap by Wild Sage & Co.
  • Mama & Baby by Wild Sage & Co.
  • Pure Castile Soap.

Gentle Soap Bars For Your Face (and acne prone skin)

We stock soaps gentle enough to use on your face. We have selected our facial range below to help cleanse your face and keep impurities at bay. Please note, these are not for removing make up and should not be used specifically to remove eye make up. If you are looking for a specific cleansing bar, check out our zero waste cleansing bar or a cleansing oil to remove make up and daily grime.

  • Activated Charcoal Soap by Bean & Boy to help draw out impurities.
  • Turmeric & Orange Soap by Bean & Boy with anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.
  • Green Clay & Tea Tree Soap by Bean & Boy, detoxifying and anti bacterial.
  • Rosemary & Tea Tree vegan soap by Wild Sage & Co.

Vegan and Natural Solid Hand Soap

Any of our bar soaps make a great hand wash. Some our our favourites include Rose & Pink Clay by Bean & Boy and Orange & Frankincense by Wild Sage & Co.

Vegan Exfoliating Soap Bars

  • Grapefruit & Calendula by Bean & Boy - This is a happy and uplifting soap, with dried calendula petals to exfoliate.
  • Wildflower & Oats by Bean & Boy - A beautiful and fragrant two tone soap with oats and dried flowers to exfoliate.
  • Peppermint & Coffee by Bean & Boy - This makes a great gardener's soap to scrub away the days dirt.
  • Carrot & Olive Stone by Bean & Boy - This soap is extra scrubby and has been created as a foot scrub soap.

We have lots more too!

Bar Soap as a Body Wash

All of our bar soaps are made to wash your body, in the bath, shower or an over the sink job!

Solid Shaving Soap Bar

Any of our soap bars (except those with added exfoliants) can be used for shaving. Best used with a shaving brush, latherthem up and brush the frothy lather on the desired area, however if you're in a rush, you can lather the soap bar up in your hands or directly on your body. Team them with a zero waste safety razor of course!

For shaving, we recommend our shaving soaps in a tin, especially if you are shaving intimate areas or your face and neck. We also stock a specific pH balanced liquid soap for intimate ladies.

Natural Solid Soap Bars For Travelling

  • Lemongrass & Poppyseed by Bean & Boy- Lemongrass is a mild version of Citronella and helps keeps insects at bay. Although not as powerful, it's not an irritant which Citronella is to some.
  • Lemongrass & TeaTree by Wild Sage & Co.
  • Our Spearmint & Rosemary soap bar by Bean & Boy contains Apple Cider Vinegar so is great as a conditioner too which makes it the perfect travelling companion.

Whilst travelling, cut up or grate a bar of soap and take just what you need. You can also use our bars to make homemade hand or dish soap.



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