A Guide to Natural & Solid Shampoo Bars

Looking to buy a shampoo bar, but not sure where to begin? We want to give you a user friendly and easy to understand guide to help you decide which one is the best fit for you, or scroll to the bottom for our quick buyers guide. We will also explain why shampoo bars may not have worked for you in the past and why we try and test ours to make sure you do not have to go through this disappointing experience again. 

Until recently, switching from liquid shampoo to a plastic free and natural shampoo bar meant going through a transition phase where your hair recovers from harsh foaming agents, parabens and synthetics and adapts to natural ingredients. The transition phase resulted in sticky and gunky hair for weeks or even months (apple cider vinegar, also known as ACV rinse, or baking soda would help to a point), and if you're in a hard water area, forever! 

The reason for this is because many shampoo bars out there, are actually just soap with a pH level of around 9-10. Whereas, your skin, scalp and hair are slightly acidic, in the range of 4.75 – 5.5 pH and need a shampoo bar that matches this. Those 'shampoo bars' that leave your hair sticky are in fact just soap and can be too harsh and drying - particularly if you live in hard water. they will leave your hair dull, sticky and rough.

Our range of tried and tested natural and vegan hair products including shampoo skip the transition phase, so you are guaranteed clean and shiny hair after just one use, no matter your hair type. 

Why natural shampoo?

Mainstream shampoo can often strip important nutrients and natural oils from your hair as well as irritate the scalp. Over time, harsh foaming agents and synthetics can leave you with dull, lifeless hair which has been stripped of its natural gloss and sheen. Natural shampoos, both liquid, powder and solid shampoo can help revive, strengthen and replenish dry, frizzy, damaged or coloured hair, with different options available based on the needs of each hair types.

Why plastic free shampoo?

A solid shampoo bar or shampoo powder cut out the need for shampoo bottles. They're also convenient for travelling! Additionally, most shampoos are 80-percent water resulting in higher transport costs and emissions. Solid shampoo bars are mega concentrated and last longer than bottled versions. On average, a shampoo bar will outlast two to three bottles of liquid shampoo, meaning you save money too!

Our shampoos

All of our shampoos are palm oil free. Top tip: For a thorough clean, make sure the shampoo foams up on all parts of your hair including the ends. Massage into your scalp for a deep clean!


Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars are a zero waste shampoo dream. They pack a cleaning punch and are the most cost effective way of washing your hair. Plus being in solid bar form, they are great for travelling. We stock the following brands:


Their formulas are vegan and free from plastic, soap, sulphates, silicones and parabens. They’re full of active plant based extracts to gently treat specific hair needs. Saving the planet doesn't have to mean bad hair.

  • Size: 80g.
  • Price: £12.50.
  • Number of washes: 80 (equivalent to 500ml liquid conditioner).
  • Price per wash: £0.16.
  • Available in Sensitive, Hydrating and the Two in one
  • Opt for: If you have either a sensitive scalp or dry/coloured hair.
  • Also, available in this range is the bestselling Solid Restoring Conditioner Bar.

"...Great shampoo bar. Hair feels smooth and shiny. There is not loads and loads of lather to clog up your drain either. Just love it..." Trusted Customer Review.

Zero Waste Path

The ultimate quick and nourishing shampoo and are by far the foamiest shampoo. Their selection of bars cover most hair types are formulated as 2in1 so you won't necessarily need a conditioner. However, this is personal and up to you and how you think your hair feels and how you like it to feel.

"...My itchy scalp has almost stopped and my hair feels clean and soft. Will definitely be buying this again..." Trusted Customer Review.


Shampoo Powder

We love powdered shampoo as they are super light-weight and created completely water free, which is a massive sustainability credential. You simply add water at home to create a paste and apply to your wet hair. They also lather up really well. 

Beauty Kubes

One kube is good for medium length hair so depending on your hair length, you may need more or less. They are great for travelling as you can take just the number of kubes you need. The entire Beauty Kubes range smells amazing and they have multiple options for all different hair types, as listed below.

The kubes have also had great reviews from parents with kids, as they are fun to crush and you can use just half a kube for kid's hair. Simply crush the cube in your hand, add a splash (approx. 1tsp) of water, mix together in your palms to form a paste then rub over your head. You may need to add a splash more water to your hair to spread the paste around.

"...I was really impressed at how such a small cube could effectively clean so much hair! I have never tried this kind of shampoo before and I was really pleased with how clean and shiny it left my hair and it smelt great too!..." Trusted Customer Review.

Awake Organics

This Natural Hair Growth Shampoo is basically a Beauty Kube pre-crushed (or rather, not formed into a kube in the first place). The shampoo powder comes in an aluminium bottle and all ingredients are organic too. The rosemary and caffeine is great for weak, colour treated and thinning hair and is our most caring shampoo.

What we love with the bottled powder is that if you need much less powder than a kube to clean your hair this is perfect or if you have longer hair you can easily do your hair in batches to get a much better clean.  Pour 1tsp into your hand, add the tiniest splash of water to form a paste. This is a much thinner paste than the beauty kubes but it really foams up.

  • Size: 50g.
  • Price: £13.
  • Number of washes = 35 .
  • Price per wash: £0.35.
  • Opt for: 100% organic ingredients, water free, great for longer hair and our most caring shampoo for specifically weak, coloured or thinning hair. 
  • Also available in this range Natural Hair Growth Scalp Scrub and Natural Hair Growth Conditioner.

Want to browse our entire hair range collection? Just click here.

Looking for a Conditioner too?

Our shampoos can be used without a conditioner, however after around three months of no conditioner, your hair tends to feel dry so we personally advise to use a conditioner. We stock a handful of amazing plastic free and natural conditioners and you only need to use them sparingly.

Wild Sage & Co Plastic Free Conditioner

This is our best selling conditioner - a little goes a long way! This conditioner also smells amazing infused with lavender and geranium and the smell lasts so long. You only need a teaspoon amount and it just glides over your hair.

KIND2 Restoring Conditioner Bar

Our best all-round conditioner bar. It glides onto your hair really easily and each bar lasts 80 washes!! If you are looking for a great travel conditioner or looking for a cheap, natural and vegan conditioner this is the one for you.

Beauty Kubes Conditioning Mask 

Despite being called a mask, you can use the conditioning kubes similarly to the shampoo kubes. Just leave in the ends of your hair for a couple of minutes and wash out. Or for a deeper condition, why not leave in while you wash your body? This is a great travel conditioner as you can just take as many cubes as you need and so doesn't take up much space at all.

Beauty Kubes Conditioner for Sensitive Scalps

This plastic free, solid conditioner by Beauty Kubes is now available with a fragrance-free formula, perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin that are prone to dandruff. Always vegan and palm oil free. Formulated to be as gentle on the scalp as possible, while conditioning the hair. With a unique blend of skin and hair nourishing oils, plant extracts and herbs. 

Natural Hair Growth Conditioner

A perfect hair cream with natural ingredients that support hair growth, nourish fragile hair, detangle and smooth frizz. This rich conditioner treats the scalp and penetrates hair strands, without weighing down your hair or leaving a greasy feeling behind. It contains a spa-like blend of pure essential oils that naturally enhance your hair-washing experience. Soft, silky, healthy-looking hair feels wonderful!

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