FSC Friday 2021

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Perhaps you are wondering what FSC stands for? Or even what is FSC Friday? Well, you have come to the right place, as we will go through all of these questions and why FSC certified products are more sustainable based on the regulations and guidelines they have to abide by. 

What does FSC stand for?

FSC Stands for Forest Stewardship Council. They are an international non-profit organisation that promotes responsible and sustainable forestry. FSC certifies forests all over the world making sure they meet high environmental guidelines and regulations.

What is FSC Friday?

FSC Friday is all about promoting an awareness for products that have been certified by the FSC and what it means to hold this logo. Products with this logo have used this sustainable FSC wood from thoughtful and cared for forests. FSC Friday is all about fighting climate change and making sure that the forests we have now, continue to be a part of our world's future and how we can ensure that this happens together.

Forests For All, Forever

Why FSC wood is good for the environment?

FSC wood is good for the environment because forests are key when regulating the earth's temperatures and climate by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When you buy FSC certified products you know that when a tree is used to make the product you have, it is replaced. These trees will planted and grown naturally and so is the most environmentally friendly. 

What are the advantages of FSC wood?

  • Economic: By opening up new markets.
  • Social: Good to workers and the local people.
  • Environmental: Biodiversity & eco systems.

We only stock FSC certified wood and paper products at The Kind Store. 

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A few of our bestselling FSC products

fsc wood beard brush.

Vegan Wooden Beard Brush, £5


fsc wood massage brush.

Tampico Fibre Massage Brush, £7


fsc wood mini dustpan and brush

Mini Dustpan & Brush, £14

fsc wood vegetable brush.

Vegetable Brush, £4


fsc wood soap dish with feet.

Beechwood Soap Dish With Rubber Feet, £7

For more information on who the FSC are and how you can help check out the FSC website.

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