10 Ways To Get Involved With Organic September

organic and vegan ocelot chocolate being packed into kind store gift box.

Looking for ways to get involved with Organic September or want to know more on how to Organic Your September? Well, we have come up a simple and easy list of ways you could start your Organic September 2021 journey below.

1. Always check for a Certified Organic Logo

of & g organic logo.

This above logo is one of a few bodies that give organic certification to companies for following strict guidelines on their farming and products. A few other bodies are The Soil Association Organic Standard, EcoCert, COSMOS, Natrue & BioGro (NZ).

For more information and photos of these bodies please check out our blog posts Organic September 2021: A Guide to Organic Beauty and Organic September 2021: A Guide to Organic Food.

Or why not check out our collection pages Certified Organic Beauty and Certified Organic Food, where we have done all the hard work for you so you can just browse knowing you are only looking at certified and trusted products and brands.

2. Order your organic fruit and vegetables online

organic fruit and vegetable box online.

Why not make life easier for yourself by ordering your fruit and vegetables online from an organic farm? This way you don't need to check any labels and you can eat your food knowing it is much better for your health and well being. A few popular organic fruit and vegetable delivery companies: Riverford Organics, Abel and Cole and perhaps you even have a local fruit and veg delivery near you.

3. Grow your own fruit and vegetables

two people gardening at their allotment.

By growing your own fruit and vegetables you will be able to manage what goes into the soil and on your food. You don't need a lot of land to get started, perhaps you may even want to start by growing your own herbs as they only take up a small amount of space or grow some potatoes in a bag. If you then feel like this is something you want to continue, but do not have the space in your garden or do not own a garden, why not enquire about a plot at your local allotments.

4. Post about Organic September on your social media

someone on their phone on instagram.

By posting on social media platforms you will be creating more awareness about what it means to choose organic produce, to an audience that may not be educated or need a little reminder why choosing organic is important. Why not create your own post and content with hashtag #organicseptember or even share some of The Kind Store's posts and simple guides? Something like this will only take a few minutes, but may have a huge impact.

5. The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

organic fruit and vegetables.

There are 12 foods that are prone to absorbing pesticides the most and must be bought organic. These have been named the Dirty Dozen:

  • Celery, sweet bell peppers, spinach  peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries, nectarines, kale, collard greens, cherries, potatoes, imported grapes & lettuce

There are also foods that you do not need to buy organic, as they have a thick skin that we peel off and these are called the Clean Fifteen. These are:

  • Onions, avocados, sweetcorn, pineapples, mango, sweet peas, asparagus, kiwi fruit, cabbage, eggplant, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapefruit, sweet potatoes & sweet onions. 

Please note, these are based on US data.

6. Sign up to The Soil Association newsletter

soil association organic logo.

You will receive practical tips on how to choose more wisely and mindfully when it comes to organic products and produce including organic discounts and savings. Plus, ways you could get involved to help fund raise in your community and much more.

7. Volunteer on an Organic Farm

wwoof logo.
With covid easing and with us being able to travel a little more freely, why not combine your next trip with helping out on an organic farm and gaining more first-hand knowledge on what it means to be organically certified. Check out Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

8. Support organic restaurants and chefs

organic served here logo.

Soil Association have created an award for restaurants that buy a percentage of their food from certified organic suppliers so look out for the Organic Served Here Award certificate. These restaurants make sure to source good quality, sustainable and organic ingredients for their menu. Perhaps Find An Organic Restaurant local to you that you could support this September.

9. Choose Organic Wine

organic wine being poured.

If you like to drink wine, why not see if you can find an organic wine in your local supermarket. As people have become more and more aware of how much better food and drink is for you when it has been organically sourced and certified, supermarkets have begun to widen their range of organic wines. If you give it a go, you might even find that you prefer it! One of our favourites is Artigianale Natural Prosecco (not certified organic but made with organic principles, plus it's vegan and made with renewable energy etc.)

10. Make a small organic switch

a pile of organic pototoes.

You don't have to go organic in a day or even in a month, but making these little switches it will make a big difference. You may decide to start by just choosing organic on your essentials like potatoes, broccoli or apples. But whatever you do, don't scare yourself away from organic by setting big goals, the little steps are what lead to the biggest impact.

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